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Most of the business leaders have adapted to digital transformation to catch up with the modern age technology with cutting-edge solutions that act with agility. Simply to have the nextgen businesses solution every business would respond to Automation and machine Learning. Automation can be comprehended as making the advanced solutions, processes or systems to operate automatically with least human effort. It can take simple tasks and mechanize them, using tools to make more efficient and speed up the process. Best automation development services have the capabilities to help business from diverse verticals to resolve their business process challenges.

We at Wizmonk work closely with you to thoroughly understand your needs and gather your complete requirements, analyze your processes and deliver cost-effective, user-friendly building management solutions. Our professional team of dedicated engineers is leveraging the latest automation techniques and is able to apply and cover up different IT, DevOps or business challenges.

Accelerate Your Processes With The Best Automation Infrastructure

Our out of box Solutions can help you automate most of the business processes that you now do manually on a regular basis. As technology advances, things will get more connected, that’s why an integration platform is a solution for advancement of systems, databases, and applications that do not connect in the manner your business require. We offer a scalable solution to the modern connectivity problem that ensure smooth run of your process. We can even assist you link data reliably and stay ahead of the market.

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End To End Automation and Integration to Digitally Transform Your Existing Process:

  • HubSpot integration to map contacts, leads, campaigns, and deals
  • Product, Service, Leads, Contacts, and Supplier Integration with Zoho
  • Integrated pipeline creation with Drive, Asanas, and Slack
  • Use WordPress and Google Drive connection to create campaigns and send automatic and follow-up emails to leads
  • SAP integration with third-party applications
  • SAP SD and CRM module integration with e-commerce solutions
  • SAP systems and Microsoft Active Directory
  • Using ERP reporting software such as Power BI and Tableau
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